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Introduction to Digital Photography

Mar 30, 2019

The invention of smart phones and photo filters has turned almost everyone into a photographer. However, good photography requires a strong sense of creativity and aesthetics, coupled with a range of technical skills. This introductory course will expose participants to the basics of digital photography and help them best utilize their digital cameras. Exploring these topics with the instructor will help improve your digital photography skills, and teach you what really goes into creating a good photo. Course topics will include: What is a digital photography file? Shooting on auto mode (Point and Shoot) [can be done with a DSLR or even a smart phone] White on White / Black on Black / White on Black / Black on White Components of a good photograph Rules of composition The decisive moment Rules of composition exercise Conclusions and a quick teaser of shooting in manual mode For this session, participants can bring any type of digital camera. We will be focusing more on putting the rules of composition in practice, and learning to use lights and shadows in your favor.
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UTRGV Brownsville, 1 W University Blvd
Brownsville, TX 78520
Phone: (956) 882-7711
Cost: $39.00
Attendance: Adult
Time: All Day Event