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Due to suggested National and State restrictions over the spread of Coronavirus, most events have been cancelled, attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and venues around the state have been temporarily closed or offering restricted hours. Please make sure to check the website, social media and or call ahead to the venue you are interested in visiting, to confirm that they are open.
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5 Days to Sugar Freedom

Jan 25, 2021 - Jan 29, 2021

5 Days to Sugar Freedom Jan 25 at 11 AM CST – Jan 29 at 11:45 AM CST online What's Sugar Freedom? It's when you shake off the sugar and wine cravings and you feel amazing, sleep better and lose the sugar belly! If you’ve tried to stop the ice cream, slow down on the wine, or quit the sweets you know how hard it can be. There is an easier way than just “white-knuckling yourself through”. Join us as we set you up to win, whether you want to slow down, or stop completely your choice. Learn how to make it easy, not just hope for the best Each day we’ll tackle a new aspect of dealing with sugar addiction and learn simple tools to clear it the cravings. Day 1 - The Prework and why it's so important! Creating your runway. Stopping sugar for any period of time requires preparation and the right steps. Today we go over everything you'll want to do to set yourself to #WIN. Day 2 - Find the hidden & blatant sugar in your diet and learn why it's so addictive. Day 3 - Learn how to use Soothers and visual aids and why "replacement" food and drink need to be handled carefully. Day 4 - Understanding and conquering triggers. Stopping sugar is the easy part, understanding triggers that make you want to throw in the towel and grab the bottle, ice cream or cookie dough is something completely different. Day 5 - Pulling it all together and how to move forward with all your new know-how! Join us via zoom or FB LIVE - all replays will be saved. Get your beautiful (and super helpful) Guidebook to go along with the 5-days. RSVP for your Guidebook here Kelly Howard is a fitness activist who focuses on motivation, mindset and fun. She believes that is it time for us to redefine fitness in a way that works for each person's needs. In 2020 she saw the effect that too much sugar and wine was having on her Fitness Mastermind group. Today, they're all in sugar rehab :) In reality, eac
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