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You've probably spent countless hours in front of a screen watching a hero save the world, solve a mystery, or plan a prison break. Now it's your turn! We offer an escape from ordinary life that allows you to live the stories you love.

Here’s how it works: You and your team are locked in a room and have one hour to complete a mission and escape. Escaping will require teamwork, quick thinking, determination and a sense of urgency!

From the moment you step into your game, you'll be totally immersed in our world. Here's what a few of our customers have said about their experience: 

Choose Your Escape

Prison Break: The merciless warden will be in a meeting for 60 minutes. Can you escape in time?

Gold Rush: You're on the hunt for hidden gold...but so is the mob. Find it first!

The Heist: A priceless piece of art has gone missing. Can you pull off the ultimate art heist and steal it back?

Playground: Get your final report card if you want to make it to the annual Summer Kickoff Kickball Tournament in time.

Recent Reviews

Here's what a few of our customers have said about their experience:

If you’re looking for an amazing escape room in Dallas, make sure to visit The Escape Game!

Be sure to check out our other escape room in Austin as well!

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