Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin

The Bullock Texas State History Museum is the state's official history museum and features three floors of Texas History Galleries with artifacts that span more than 13,000 years, as well as an IMAX® Theatre, a 4D special-effects theater, convenient on-site parking, a café and Museum Store. Located in downtown Austin, the Museum welcomes 450,000 visitors each year. Since 2001, more than 7 million visitors have been immersed in the stories of Texas, connecting historical relevance to a contemporary world. The Museum collaborates with more than 700 museums, libraries, archives and individuals to display original historical artifacts and host exhibitions that illuminate and celebrate Texas history and culture.

Exhibitions explore Texas history and culture and the state’s relationship to the world. History, science, technology, and culture are all examined through a robust schedule of dynamic, special exhibitions. In 2016, the Museum will host exhibitions that explore the farm-to-table movement, Nazi propaganda, the history of music festivals, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and prohibition (before and after alcohol was legalized).

The Texas History Galleries feature an incredible diversity of 500 ever-changing artifacts. From the first Native American inhabitants to 20th century space exploration, rare artifacts convey the successes, struggles, and innovations of Texans. In addition, the Museum is the permanent home of the 300 year old French shipwreck La Belle, an exhibition that includes the extraordinary remains of the ship's hull and cargo and highlights the excavation and conservation process.

A Destination for Film
Experience the very best cinematic experience in the all-digital, state-of-the-art IMAX® Theatre. Home to the biggest screen in Texas — six stories tall — the IMAX Theatre offers daily screenings of both award-winning documentaries and feature films.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful film experiences in Austin, the Museum's Texas Spirit Theater, a special-effects space that immerses visitors in the film with crackling lightning, pounding rain, and a few other fun surprises. Texas is a part of film history and continues to be a hub of talent and creativity. The film program includes daily screenings of the Museum's signature films and scheduled programming like the Texas Focus Series, Giant Screen Classics, premiers, and special features.

Programs & Events
The Bullock Museum offers a full calendar of hundreds of programs and events each year. Programs explore all things Texas - music, arts, science, and more and feature nationally recognized historians, archeologists and scientists, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, critically-acclaimed filmmakers, poets and playwrights.

Offerings for families are designed for toddlers to teens. Each month, Free First Sunday provides free admission for everyone. You can also participate online, with the Museum's award-winning Texas Story Project, the largest collection of Texas stories anywhere.  Visit TheStoryofTexas.com for more.

History & Building
The Bullock Museum is a division of the State Preservation Board and was named for the state's 38th Lieutenant Governor, Bob Bullock, who championed the preservation and exhibition of Texas history and worked to establish the museum, which opened in 2001. In 2013, the Museum received accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums, the highest national recognition for a museum.

Located just north of the Texas State Capitol, the building exterior is covered with Sunset Red granite and it is topped by a majestic copper dome. Visitors can walk under a monumental 35-foot tall bronze star, the highlight of the Museum’s Lone Star Plaza, around which the six flags of Texas fly on 50-foot tall flagpoles.

The Museum’s expansive lobby features a dramatic, four-story rotunda with a stunning granite staircase. A unique 40-foot diameter terrazzo design is centered in the floor of the rotunda. More than 46,000 square feet of exhibition space inside the Museum is dedicated to Texas culture from pre-historic times to the present. 


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