Just 35 minutes up Highway 30 from Dallas, in the midst of five fantastic lakes, lies the dynamic community of Greenville. Here in the heart of the rolling Blackland Prairies, discover a burgeoning Public Art Program, an award-winning winery, dazzling live music and theater performances, and an abundance of Texas hospitality.

Named for Republic of Texas soldier and legislator Thomas Jefferson Green, Greenville was established in 1846 by settlers moving south from the Red River Valley. The economy began as largely agricultural, with grain and livestock serving as the principal products, until cotton became king in the mid-1870's. With the arrival of the railroad in 1880, Greenville cotton could be transported to Galveston and then across the ocean to Europe, becoming a favorite of English textile mills. Within a decade, the community was exporting $1 million worth of cotton each year, securing Greenville as the economic and cultural center of Hunt County that it remains today.

The city of Greenville has not forgotten the role cotton played in its formation. In 1987, the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum was launched in Greenville to recognize the impact of the important cash crop on the area, as well as to honor military veterans like its titular war hero, local boy Audie Murphy. But the museum is hardly the only place to experience Greenville’s storied past. There are more than 30 official Texas Historical Markers around town, including one for Greenville's oldest existing business and the post office where Murphy enlisted in the army. In Greenville’s historic downtown, there are six locations listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the National Park Service’s catalog of important American landmarks.

In addition to heritage sites, Historic Downtown Greenville is also a vibrant dining, shopping, and entertainment district. Here you’ll find two unique entertainment venues: the retro Texan Theater, an intimate VIP experience for concerts, movies, theatrical productions, and special events; and the stately Greenville Municipal Auditorium, a large venue for famous touring artists. Some of the best annual events in Greenville take place at these two spots.

A terrific place for day trips or weekend getaways, Greenville is conveniently located near some of the best lakes in Texas for boating, skiing, fishing, and camping. Greenville’s emerging Public Art Program brings a touch of whimsy downtown to Greenville’s historic past and promise of the future. From barrel-room winery tours to the excitement of our newest attraction - Splash Kingdom, Greenville is the perfect spot for an unforgettable holiday.

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