Attractions in Kilgore

There are many attractions in Kilgore that you won’t want to miss on your trip through East Texas. Kilgore’s history with the oil industry is revealed at the East Texas Oil Museum and the World’s Richest Acre Park, yet that’s not all there is to see here. Stop by the Texas Broadcast Museum to get a first-hand look at the golden age of broadcasting, or discover the legendary Kilgore College Rangerettes at the Rangerette Showcase and Museum. Along with all that, you can’t miss all the fantastic boutique shopping in the downtown area, or all the delicious barbecue at Country Tavern. Read on to learn more about the attractions in Kilgore.

East Texas Oil Museum
Immerse yourself in the history of East Texas oil discovery and production at the East Texas Oil Museum, located on the campus of Kilgore College. Tour the exhibits, watch a film, and take the simulated elevator ride to see how oil is formed and drilled. Walk through a 1930’s replicated Boomtown, USA and learn about the mammoth East Texas Oil Field.
Highway 259 at Ross Street
Kilgore, TX 75662
(903) 983-8295

Texas Museum of Broadcasting and Communications
Vintage broadcast equipment and memorabilia and working television and radio studios are the highlights at this museum, which transports you back to the golden age of broadcasting. Antique cameras, microphones, and hundreds of other pieces of equipment or showcased at this museum, along with a 1949 Dumont Telecruiser. Check out the collection, then show off your hosting skills when you get in front of the camera and behind the microphone. The museum is open Fridays and Saturdays year-round, and Sundays by appointment.
416 East Main Street
Kilgore, TX  75662
(903) 985-8115

Rangerette Showcase and Museum
Discover the history of Kilgore College’s famed Rangerettes, the iconic drill team known for their high kicks, white boots, and cowgirl hats. Located on the campus of Kilgore College, the museum is full of photos, film, costumes, and exhibits that tell the story of this Texas icon.  
100 Broadway
Kilgore, TX 75662
(903) 983-8265

Shakespeare Garden 
The Shakespeare Garden is modeled after the original in England and features plants and shrubs that have all been referenced in a Shakespeare play. Seek serenity at this oasis, a perfect spot to read the likes of Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet or take a break during the Texas Shakespeare Festival.
1100 Broadway
Kilgore, TX 75662
(903) 983-8117

World’s Richest Acre Park
Visit the World’s Richest Acre Park and you’ll be in a prime location for an East Texas photo op. During the oil boom of the 1930’s, there were 24 working oil wells in a half block in downtown Kilgore, pumping more than 2.5 million barrels over 30 years. Today, you can see 70 restored oil derricks in downtown Kilgore, all topped with huge stars, giving Kilgore the nickname “City of the Stars.”
Downtown Kilgore
Kilgore, TX 75662

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