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O.P. Pyle House Overnight Ghost Hunt Package with Breakfast, Mineola, TX

Feb 10, 2018 - Feb 11, 2018

Ever wanted to investigate and stay in one of the most haunted locations in Texas? Haunted Rooms is delighted to offer you the chance to do just that at the O.P. Pyle House in Mineola, East Texas. Ghost of OP Pyle House The house is extremely active, as proven on our teams’ several investigations here. The spirits are numbered in double digits including a Civil War soldier named David Akin who has deemed himself the protector of this family and house. There are many child spirits here as well which love to play tricks on you and their nanny is here as well. The property boasts a spiritual vortex which serves as a revolving door for spiritual activity which sometimes is great and sometimes not so much. There has also been some negative spiritual energy as well and unnerving experiences in one of the cottages. One of the owners’ parents who were longtime owners of the house are buried on the property and another family member is under the gazebo. If you are looking for a more adventurous ghost hunt this property is also one of the best in Mineola.
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123 N Line St
Mineola, TX 75773
Phone: 079-848-7649
Cost: $109
Time: 7pm to 10am