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Overnight Ghost Hunt & Sleepover @ The Beckham Hotel, Mineola TX

May 04, 2018 - May 05, 2018

Situated in downtown Mineola, the Beckham Hotel has been the source of spooky stories and local folklore, and home to colorful characters for over 100 years. With such a long and colorful history it’s little wonder that the hotel is home to several spirits. Join the team on a thrilling night of ghost hunting in this beautiful old building, and sleep in the most haunted areas, or continue your investigation on your own into the night! Book now as tickets are likely to go quickly for this one! What’s Included? Paranormal Investigation Class Introduction to Ghost Hunting and the equipment Investigate with the team all night Ghost hunting vigils in small groups Workshop/separate vigils for returning guests Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, Dowsing Rods, K2 Meters etc Time to investigate on your own Snacks/Drinks throughout the night Light Breakfast Guests can sleep in the most haunted areas! (Please bring your own sleeping bags/bedding) GHOSTS OF THE BECKHAM HOTEL There is reportedly a number of ghosts residing at the Beckham Hotel, but there are three that make themselves known time and again! The first is Elizabeth, who is reported to have died after falling down the hotel staircase. Some people have even reported her apparition, always around 3 am wearing her white flowing wedding dress with her neck clearly broken! Another of the popular spirits here is that of a 10-year-old girl, she is often seen peering in through the windows of the restaurant. But when you go outside to acknowledge her she instantly disappears. She’s believed to be a trickster, or is she just shy? She’s also been seen looking out of the hotel windows at night. The third ghost witnessed here is known as the gambler. He’s been reported to wander the upstairs hallway. It’s not known exactly who he is, it could either be the gentleman who committed suicide in the lobby in the 1940’s, or it could be the man killed in the 1930’s during a poker game
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111 E Commerce St
Mineola, TX 75773
Phone: 903-497-6758
Cost: $99.00
Attendance: 30 people
Reocurrence: No
Time: 8pm - 9am