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6 Cool and Unusual Things to Do for Halloween in Texas

 There's never a shortage of fun things to do in Texas during October.  Kids are pumpkin picking, carving jack-o'lanterns and making those all-important decisions about what costume to wear.  It's a fun time, if not a bit predictable.

Want to break the mold, even just a little bit?  Consider trying one or more of these activities to put a little spin on the season this year.


1. Get to Know the REAL Dracula
(Houston) In case a museum dedicated to death and funerals isn't already macabre enough, the
 National Museum of Funeral History amps up the creep factor with a few special events in October - November. The Dracula Cemetery Exhibit details the life and death of the real Count Dracula, infamous for his insatiable cruelty and blood-drinking. Visitors can put on a cape and fangs and have their photo taken in a coffin. Other events include a Haunted House, Halloween Car Show and Day of the Dead Celebration. 


2. Stumble and Groan and Search for Brains
(San Antonio) What's trending in the world of horror these days?  Zombies! The walking undead are all around us in movies, TV shows San Antonio during the city's annual Zombie Walk.  On October 27, the city will be host to hundreds of shuffling zombie-wannabes, in tattered, bloodied clothing, in search of brains and other good eats.  Why is this fun? It just is!  Think of a flash mob, but with a lot less rehearsal.  How can you get in on it?  Just show up in your finest zombie attire at Hemisfair Tower in downtown San Antonio between 5 - 6 pm, after which, the evil hordes will be unleashed and make their way towards the Alamo. Other than the cost of a ripped old t-shirt, the event is free.


3. Summon a Dark Spirit with a Magical Potion
(Dallas and Ft. Worth) I suppose it all depends upon what kind of magic you need. Choose from the "One Night Stand Potion", "Break-Up Potion", "Dr. Strangelove Potion" or "Plum Sexy Potion".  Conjured up by Dude, Sweet Chocolate, these potions are made with chocolate, liquors like tequila or bourbon and other delicious ingredients that are sure to cast a spell. Bewitch the object of your desire with a Dr. Strangelove Martini. Slip some Plum Sexy potion over ice cream. They are to die for!
4. Celebrate the Dead, Tejano Style
(Port Isabel) For the biggest Dia De Los Muertos party this side of the Mexican border, you've got to hit Port Isabel on October 29. You might not think that a holiday called Day of the Dead would be a good time, but you'd be wrong.  I think that's actually the whole point of it - it's meant as celebration of the lives of friends and family who have departed this earth but live on in prayers and memories. One of the hallmarks of this event is the altars that are built for loved ones, embellished with photos, flowers, sweets, even special foods that the person enjoyed in their lifetime. The Port Isabel festivities will include an altar contest, music and entertainment, a costume party, and more.
5. Get Thee to the Ren Faire
(Todd Mission) The Texas Renaissance Festival is the biggest fair of its kind in the U.S. It runs from Oct. 12 through Dec. 1 and although most people dress up in costume to attend the event, it's not generally considered a Halloween event.  That is, until, the weekend of Oct. 26 and 27th when the theme is "All Hallows Eve" and the typical renaissance attire takes a darker, spookier turn.  The weekend features carved Jack-o’-lanterns illuminating the night, a "Tricks or Treats Outing" and a costume contest with great prizes..
6. Kick back and have a few special brews
Drink a few beers?? How is this any different than any other night, you ask?  Why is this on a Halloween in Texas list, you wonder?  Because in celebration of the season, you're going to try some seasonal beers with cool names, made right here in Texas.  Start with a a "Krunkin Pumpkin" from Karbach Brewery in Houston. Follow that with a "Devil's Backbone" made by Real Ale Brewing in Blanco. TX.  Finish with a "Black Wit-O" from No Label Brewing Company in Katy. Better yet, bring a few six-packs of each to a Halloween party and make everyone else wonder why they aren't as cool and imaginative as you are.


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