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Old Town Spring, Texas

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The Orcuquiza Indians originally inhabited the Spring area and were first visited by the Spaniards in 1746. In the 1820's some of Stephen F. Austin's colonists settled nearby and in 1838 a trading post was established on nearby Spring Creek.

After the Civil War the railroads were expanding and tracks were being constructed to Houston which created the rapid industrialization of Houston and surrounding areas. Railroad workers were laying tracks heading south to Houston and when they reached the area it was spring time. The workers were so excited about the end of a harsh winter that they named the area “Camp Spring”. In 1873 Camp "Spring" was platted by I. & G.N.  Railroad and became a settlement. “Camp” was dropped and Spring was named. Soon afterwards, Spring became the base of operations for the railroad workers bringing jobs and opportunities for new immigrants in the area.

Spring experienced steady growth for the next fifty years becoming the crossroad's for two intersecting rail lines and added a roundhouse and fourteen track yards. While the rest of the nation struggled Spring flourished. With a growing population Spring had an Opera House, hospital, lumber mills, banks, hotels, steam saw mills, cotton mills, grist mills and saloons.

By 1910 the population had grown to more than 1200. The Spring Bank was established which later consolidated with the Tomball Bank. Business flourished until 1923 when the railroad's decision to relocate their base of operations to Houston which was followed by prohibition. The town was crippled forcing local businesses and merchants to close.

The depression of the 30's reduced Spring to a small settlement which remained dormant until the late 60's. With the advantage of economic growth enjoyed by the oil boom in Houston Old Town Spring emerged with steady growth of merchants and businesses through the 70's and 80's turning the town into a popular destination for shoppers and visitors from all over the world.

Today Old Town Spring is a quaint turn of the century village located near the original rail yards built by the Great Northern Railroad in the early 1900's. Historic Victorian homes are nestled among the town's towering tree lined streets. Shoppers can stroll and relax in gazebos and benches throughout the town away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. With more than 150 shops you will find a variety of antiques, restaurants, clothing, collectibles, galleries, museums and a winery. Take a step back in time and spend the day. Be sure to bring the entire family because there is something for everyone.


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Old Town Spring, Texas