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Webster, Texas
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Space Center Houston in Webster

There’s no place on Earth like Space Center Houston

Starship Gallery

View multiple flown spacecraft and national treasures. See some of the most amazing artifacts that trace the progression of human space exploration – the Apollo 17 Command Module, a full-size Skylab Training module, a Moon rock you can touch and more!

SpaceX Falcon

See a flown SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, one of only two Falcon 9 boosters on display. Learn how this marvel of reusable space technology is making space accessible.

Independence Plaza

Visit the only place in the world where there is a shuttle mounted on an original NASA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA). Visitors can enter the shuttle replica Independence, mounted on top of the historic and original NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft, and then explore the giant plane. Independence is the only shuttle mounted on an SCA with public access.

Mission Mars

Discover what it takes to travel to Mars, what hardware will get us to the fourth planet, and how humans may live on the red planet in our interactive exhibit, Mission Mars.




Space Station Gallery

The International Space Station Gallery provides a dynamic look inside the space station.  See flown space station artifacts and watch a new interactive live show all about how astronauts live and work in the orbiting laboratory. This giant science laboratory, almost spanning the entire length of a football field, gathers research and conducts experiments every day.




Stars and STEM

Enroll in Stars & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) an immersive program for students to experience the wonders of space.





Space Expert Tour

Go on a guided adventure through Space Center Houston, and get a detailed look at the past, present, and future of human space exploration.






NASA Tram Tour

Tour George W.S. Abbey Rocket Park, where one of only three actual Saturn V rockets is displayed, along with other rockets that propelled space exploration.






Spacesuit Collection

Explore a comprehensive collection of spacesuits. See astronaut Judy Resnik’s T-38 flight suit, the ejection suit that astronaut John Young wore on the first shuttle flight in 1981, and the spacesuit astronaut Pete Conrad wore walking on the Moon.


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Webster, Texas
101 Pennsylvania
Webster, TX 77598
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