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Chambers Wild, Texas

Chambers Wild | Top Ten Things to experience in the Wild Side of Chambers County

1. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge and its two Visitors Centers

2. US Fish & Games’ Wallisville Project destinations, which include Lake Charlotte, Cypress Wonderland, The Trinity River Rookery, JJ Mays Trace and the Trinity River Island Recreational Center

3. A bundle of some of the nicest County Parks in the state – with camping, picnicking and water access, plus the TPWD Candy Abshier Wildlife Management Area.

4. Nature loving, outdoor celebrations year round – county wide

5. Alligator spotting! There are more alligators than people living in Chambers County.

6. Hunt for geese in the wetlands of a refuge, or an historic rice field

7. Paddling in one of the popular swamps, bayous or bays 

8. Bird in one of the top destinations on the Texas coast

9. Catching a record Flounder in Trinity Bay

10. Visit historic sites of the first “rebellions” that began the revolution for Texas Independence

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Chambers Wild

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Chambers Wild, Texas