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Austin County, Texas
309 Main Street
Sealy, TX 77474
Austin County, Texas

Things to Do in Austin County

Explore a castle, savor a glass of Texas wine, and discover where the “Father of Texas” himself once called home. These are just some of the unique things to do in Austin County, where the towns of Bellville, Sealy, San Felipe, Industry, Wallis, and more await. Travel from one place to another and you’ll uncover the most authentic side of Texas. Located just an hour west of Houston, Austin County offers a wealth of adventure and ample small-town charm that feels a world away from the big city. Read on to see a few of the many things to do in Bellville, Sealy, and the rest of Austin County.

Play a Round of Golf

The rolling hills and oak forests that weave throughout Austin County form a stunning backdrop for a round of golf. There are three courses here that you can play, one in Bellville and the other two in Sealy. Tee off at the Bellville Golf & Recreation Club’s nine-hole course and you’ll be treated to eye-catching tree-lined fairways with the occasional devious sand trap or water hazard.

For a full round of 18 holes, make the short drive down to the River Ridge Golf Club in Sealy. Your round starts with a long par 5 with water in play throughout, and the challenge continues throughout the rest of this par-71 course. Some of the course is just steps away from the Brazos River, adding even more gorgeous natural scenery to your time on the links. Head just across I-10 for the Stephen F. Austin Golf Club, home to 18 more holes of golf through rolling hills that will leave you speechless.

Sip Wine and Listen to an Award-Winning Pianist

How many times can you say you’ve listened to an award-winning pianist and composer play live? Add in wine made right on site and you have the makings of an experience like no other. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Yellow Brick Road Winery in Sealy. Order a glass of red or white wine and find a cozy spot in the tasting room for an unforgettable show. After all, this is where four-time Academy Award winner Gerry Math (who contributed to the scores of Titanic, Forrest Gump, Last of Mohicans, and more) showcases his skill on an Italian-made baby grand piano.

Visit Newman’s Castle

With its imposing white walls, massive working drawbridge, and murky moat, Newman’s Castle looks like it was plucked right from the medieval Europe. Instead, it’s one of only a few castles in Texas that you can visit while you’re in Austin County. Your trip to the castle starts at Newman’s Bakery in downtown Bellville.

Once you arrive, you’ll see the castle’s large exterior wall, five round corner turrets, courtyard, and central keep that offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Bonus: the two-hour tour also includes lunch.

Visit the Austin County Jail Museum

From the outside, it looks like the keep of a historic European castle with its canonical turrets and crenelations. Instead, this architectural wonder with a red-brick façade is the 1896 Austin County Jail. Now the Austin County Jail Museum, you can explore three stories, with a fourth smaller area known as the “gallows” that was used only once.

Taste Craft Beer at Huff Brewing Company

It’s a Friday afternoon and you’re thirsty. What better way to quench that thirst than with a pint of delicious (and locally made) craft beer? If that sounds like the recipe for a good time, pay a visit to Huff Brewing Company’s taproom a few miles east of Bellville. Fill your pint glass with one of the brewery’s two year-round options, a Munich helles and a German-inspired amber lager, or sample one of its creative seasonal brews.

Immerse Yourself in Texas History

Just west of Sealy lies the original town site for none other than the Father of Texas himself: Stephen F. Austin. It was here at San Felipe de Austin that the first colony in Texas was established in 1823, where Austin oversaw the immigration of American pioneers into the Lone Star State. Once a thriving community, the colonial capital was burned during the Runaway Scrape in 1836.

Today, that town site is preserved as the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site. While the Declaration of Independence was adopted at convention in nearby Washington-on-the-Brazos, the events that led to independence largely swirled around Stephen F. Austin’s colonial headquarters at San Felipe de Austin.

Explore Stephen F. Austin State Park

Explore the verdant forests and admire the abundant wildlife as you explore the six miles of hiking and biking trails at Stephen F. Austin State Park. Keep a keen eye out for deer, rabbits, and woodpeckers as you traverse the trails that wind through park’s hardwood forests and wetlands. Situated on the southern bank of the Brazos River near the San Felipe de Austin town site, the state park’s captivating nature reflects what the area may have looked like back when the first colonists arrived.

Go on a Scenic Drive

Wide-open farmlands and winding two-lane roadways lined with blooming wildflowers abound in Austin County. Cruise the scenic highways in the spring to see stunning batches of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes. No matter the time of year you’re in the area, any drive is worth it to take in the rolling hills and watch the cows and horses graze in verdant pastures along the road.

Take in the Live Music

Austin County is a hotbed of country, rock and roll, and any other type of live music you can think of. Not only are there plenty of performances to enjoy, the county’s venues are truly one-of-a-kind. Pull up a chair at The Kenney Store in Kenney, an old-fashioned country store where the food is delicious and the music will make you move. The Kenney Store is just one of many music venues in Austin County that are always rocking, but that’s not all. Don’t miss all the tunes that are part of the county’s major annual events, such as the Austin County Fair, Summer Music Fest, Sealybration, and Bluegrass Music Festival.

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Austin County, Texas
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