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Lake Whitney, Texas

Attractions Near Lake Whitney

Lake Whitney is a fantastic destination for a weekend trip or a long vacation, not only for the lake itself, but for all the exciting things to see and do in the surrounding communities. Hillsboro, Clifton, Meridian, and Whitney each have their own unique draws, from museums with rare artifacts and historic buildings to fun outdoor venues. Since all of them are just a short drive from the shores of Lake Whitney, you can go exploring and be back on the water in no time at all. Read on to see a few of the top attractions near Lake Whitney and start planning your next vacation to the official Getaway Capital of Texas.

Bosque Arts Center
Clifton is a fantastic rural arts community thanks in part to the Roland Jones Gallery at the Bosque Arts Center. Housed in the former library of the 1923-built Clifton Lutheran College, the collection of representational art is augmented by rotating photography exhibits and performances next door by local acting troupe Tin Building Theatre. 
215 South College Hill Drive
Clifton, TX 76634
(254) 675-3724

Bosque County Courthouse
Built in 1886, the Gothic-style Bosque County Courthouse is a prime example of a stately Texas courthouse, complete with a limestone facade and iron stairs and railings inside. Major renovations in 2007 restored original features like the tower and turrets, making it even more appealing for history and architecture fans.
110 South Main Street
Meridian, TX 76665
(254) 435-2913

Bosque Museum
The King of Norway himself has visited this fascinating museum to view pieces from the largest collection of Norwegian artifacts in the South. The other highlight is the Horn Shelter Exhibit, a replica of the Paleo-American burial site of more than 11,000 years ago discovered in the 60’s along the Brazos River.
301 South Avenue Q
Clifton, TX 76634
(254) 675-3845

Bosque Resort Fun Lake & River Tube Ride
Bosque Resort is home to the Fun Lake and River Tube Ride, a waterpark with a variety of rides and attractions the whole family can enjoy. An inflatable playground on the lake and a sandy beach provides a relaxing place to play, while the Texas Twister offers something for those looking for an adrenaline rush. Concession stands and a restaurant and bar have you covered if you work up an appetite after a day of fun in the sun. The waterpark is open Thursday through Sunday from late May through Labor Day.
341 TX-22
Clifton, TX 76634
(254) 622-2034

Cell Block Museum
It’s hardly a room fit for a king, but Elvis himself once spent a night in this historic 1893 county jail. Today, it’s an officially recognized historic place and home to Native American artifacts, Willie Nelson memorabilia, vintage clothing, and other exhibits. The Hillsboro attraction is open Saturdays from April through October, and by appointment.
North Waco Street
Hillsboro, TX 76645
(254) 582-8912

Cliftex Theatre
When you need to give your sunburn a rest, head to Clifton and catch a flick at Texas’ oldest continually operating movie house. First-runs show Thursday through Sunday, at a rate you may not believe if you’re used to big-city ticket prices. If you need to duck out, try to time it for intermission. The theatre keeps up the tradition of a halfway-point break, signaling it with the classic jingle “Let’s All Go to the Lobby.”
306 West 5th Street
Clifton, TX 76634
(254) 675-1229

Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum
Gearheads take note: one of the best collections of classic American cars is right here in Clifton. Geek out over the 60’s Corvette Convertibles, a 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, 1960 Alpha Romeo, and other beautifully restored rides. There’s plenty of other cool stuff from yesteryear to admire, like a 1935 movie projector, classic phone booth, and a 1959 Cushman Eagle Scooter. Open Saturdays and by appointment.
406 West 5th Street
Clifton, TX 76634
(254) 253-0262

Golf Courses at White Bluff Resort on Lake Whitney
Rolling fairways, spectacular lake views, and world-class design are part of the reason why the two golf courses at White Bluff Resort on Lake Whitney are considered among the best in Texas. Both the New and Old courses, designed by 13-time PGA tour winner Bruce Lietzke, wind through dense forests and feature sand bunkers, water hazards, and elevation changes.
20022 Misty Valley Circle
Whitney, TX 76692
(254) 694-4000

Hill County Courthouse
Hill County’s courthouse is a gorgeous three-story structure featuring limestone walls, slanted white-paneled roofs, and a clock tower typical of French Second Empire-style architecture. Much of the 1890 courthouse was destroyed in a massive fire in 1993, and country music legend Willie Nelson helped raise funds for its restoration. Work was completed in 1999, and to this day the courthouse is the tallest building in Hill County and can be seen from miles away.
80 North Waco Street
Hillsboro, TX 76645

Meyer Observatory
Channel your inner Jules Verne at the Paul and Jane Meyer Observatory, located on a bluff near Clifton, where the night is dark and the stars are big and bright. Every month the observatory hosts an open house in which you can get an introduction to astronomy via the in-house, 24-inch Ritchey-Chretien telescope, the same type of configuration as the Hubble Telescope.
14801 FM 182
Valley Mills, TX 76689
(254) 326-1027

Red Caboose Winery
This award-winning winery in nearby Meridian prides itself on growing high-quality grapes on certified grafted vines using sustainable and energy-efficient methods. Head for the rock patio and enjoy a bold Quickdraw Syrah as you look out on the vineyards and rolling countryside.
1147 County Road 1110
Meridian, TX 76665
(254) 435-9911

St. Olaf Kirke
Also known as “The Rock Church,” St. Olaf’s was built in 1886 by Lutheran settlers from Norway. Though it originally had a bare floor and “pews” consisting of planks resting on kegs, the lovingly preserved building is still in use today for Saturday services, weddings, funerals, christenings, and other special events.
County Road 4145
Cranfills Gap, TX 76637
(254) 597-2738

Texas Heritage Museum
This museum, located on the campus of Hill College, was once known as the Confederate Research Center for its extensive collection of artifacts and materials related to the Civil War. While it currently houses materials from other wars, its array of newspaper clippings, letters, service records, and manuscripts related to the Texas theater of the Civil War is among the best in the state.
112 Lamar Drive
Hillsboro, TX 76645
(254) 659-7500

Victorian Homes in Hubbard
Some of the most spectacular architecture in the Lake Whitney area can be found in Hubbard, the “Victorian Crossroads of Central Texas.” Numerous grand late 19th-century and early 20th-century homes, such as the 1882 McDaniel Family Home and the 1896 Rigsby Home, can be seen when you tour this historic town. Don’t miss the eye-catching First Methodist Church of Hubbard, an imposing prairie school-style church featuring twin towers and more than 100 stained glass windows.
Hubbard, TX 76648

Whitney Area Museum
Discover the history of the Lake Whitney area at this museum, located in the old post office building in downtown Whitney. Exhibits include the Whitney Jail House Door, a doll collection, and displays that tell the stories of Fort Graham, the infamous Battle of the Benches, and more. The museum is open on the second and fourth Saturday from April to October.
303 North Brazos Street
Whitney, TX 76692
(254) 694-6595

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