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5 Family-Friendly Adventures You'll Only Find in El Paso

By James Waterson

Planning your next family vacation? It can sometimes be a challenge to go somewhere with something for everyone. Yet with its first-rate zoo, variety of engaging things to see and do for kids of all ages, and majestic landscapes, El Paso is the perfect destination for your next getaway. Set at the foot of the Franklin Mountains, the possibilities in the Sun City are limitless. Read on to discover some of El Paso’s top family-friendly adventures, then plan your next visit here.

Tour Texas Travel Tip: El Paso’s ideal location makes it an unforgettable day trip near some of the Southwest’s most amazing places, including Big Bend National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and White Sands National Park. Learn more here.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

No matter how old your kids are, a day at the zoo offers plenty of things to see and do for all ages. While zoos are common, the El Paso Zoo stands alone. Wander through this 35-acre park and you’ll encounter animals from Africa, Asia, and the Americas representing more than 220 species, including alligators, lions, giraffes, and the newest addition of South American Magellanic penguins!

During your visit to the zoo, you’ll come across the one-of-a-kind Chihuahuan Desert exhibit, an immersive showcase of the flora and fauna of North America’s largest desert. Stroll past a simulated flash flood and pause for a while at the Mexican wolf habitat. Continue and you’ll find two jaguars, Guapo and Luna, as well as coatimundis (a raccoon-like species native to South and Central America). After seeing some of the desert’s animals, take on the Copper Canyon Challenge Ropes Course. Ideal for adults and older kids, the course features gravity-defying challenges that’ll test your balance. There’s even an area for younger kids, Sky Tykes, so everyone can get in on the action.

When you’re not discovering the wonders of the desert and admiring animals from all over the world, let your kids explore the Foster Tree-House Playground. Composed of five tree houses perched 16 feet above ground, the playground features slides, a tunnel, cargo netting, log climbers, and 360-degree views of the surrounding area. If you visit during the summer, cool off at the Hunt Family Desert Spring, where you’ll find dancing water, gushers, spray tunnels, and more. Need a pick-me-up? Stop by the Grasslands Café for a juicy burger, hot dog, and kid-friendly meals, or the Beastro Kiosk if you’re craving Dippin’ Dots ice cream or a cold drink.

With so much to see and do, the El Paso Zoo offers the kinds of immersive and educational experiences that make it a fantastic place to visit with your family.

Soar to New Heights

Get ready to enjoy exhilarating fun at El Paso’s very own, iFly indoor skydiving experience! For families seeking thrills and memorable moments together, book a flight at iFly to experience the sensation of flying in state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels. Put on your flight suit and after a tutorial class, step into the wind tunnel where you’ll soon be floating weightlessly, defying gravity with your loved ones by your side. Each session lasts about one minute, which is about 15 seconds longer than if you were skydiving. Flyers as young as three and as old as 103 can soar at iFly, so bring everyone along for an unforgettable adventure as you and your family members can take turns flying, twisting, and turning in the wind. 

Hike to the Aztec Caves

Embark on a hike perfect for families to the Aztec Caves in Franklin Mountains State Park, where kids and parents are promised an adventure and the chance to soak up the sun. The Aztec Cave hiking trail caters to hikers of all ages, making it a perfect excursion for families seeking outdoor enjoyment together. As you traverse the trail, enveloped by the rugged beauty of the Franklin Mountains, anticipation builds with each step toward the ancient caves. Children eagerly explore the trail's twists and turns, while parents savor the opportunity to bond amidst nature's splendor.

Reaching the Aztec Caves unveils a breathtaking panorama of El Paso's majestic landscape stretching into New Mexico—a sight that captivates hearts and fuels imaginations. Families share moments of awe as they take in the panoramic views, creating memories against the backdrop of nature's grandeur. The journey back down the trail is filled with shared stories and laughter, fostering a love for the outdoors and adventure.

Enjoy Fun for All Ages

Relish mountain views while you try to show off your golf game or drive a UTV over red dunes. These are just a few of the fun-for-all-ages exploits you can have with your kids at some of the Sun City’s top attractions. Whether you’re an expert golfer or you want to hit some balls while savoring great food and drink, head to Top Golf El Paso. Aim each shot at the color-coded targets in the driving range, or just swing away and relish the fact that you don’t have to chase down your own golf balls.

Embark on an epic journey through the desert with Rent a UTV Off-Road Adventures. Primary drivers must be at least 18 years old, but younger kids can come along as passengers. Cruising along the trails and over the dunes is not only a great way to get outdoors, but it also serves up unmatched views of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon hitting golf balls or on a four-wheel adventure through the wilderness, you’ll find a ton of ways to entertain your kids in El Paso.

Find Farm-Fresh Fare & Local Goods

It’s one thing to go to a grocery store, but it’s entirely different when you can see fruits, vegetables, and other products made (or grown) right down the street. As it turns out, El Paso is home to an abundance of farmers’ markets, some of which are held throughout the year. Come to Downtown El Paso every Saturday morning for the El Paso Downtown Artist & Farmers Market. Shop for regionally grown produce, browse an array of original arts and crafts, and take in performances by local artists. Meanwhile, the Upper Valley Artist and Farmers Market features a wide array of farm-fresh goods and the wares of local artisans. Get some shaved ice, a cookie, or a drink and meander along. Take your time as you wander, as each vendor is bound to have its own surprises.

Set just west of the Rio Grande River, the Country Club Farmers Market has plenty to see as well. Sample dishes prepared by local food trucks and check out the wares of more than 80 vendors. The market is open every Saturday in the late morning and early afternoon, so get here early to take it all in. While these three farmers’ markets have plenty to see, they aren’t the only ones around. Discover El Paso’s other farmers’ markets here.

El Paso’s spectacular zoo, sprawling farmers markets, and kid-friendly attractions make this West Texas destination a great vacation spot for families. Click here to see what else the Sun City of Texas has to offer.


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