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10 Adventures That Make Big Bend an Awesome Place to Visit in the Summer

A beautiful Big Bend sunset illuminates the Rio Grande River.By James Waterson

Beautiful mountains, stunning valleys, and wide-open skies that host both vibrant sunsets and all the stars of the Milky Way. All of this natural splendor awaits you in Texas’ Big Bend region. Although a popular destination in the cooler times of the year (it is in the Chihuahuan Desert, after all), that’s not to mean that Big Bend isn’t an awesome place to visit in the summer. Not only does it not get as hot as you’d expect, it’s the region’s slow season which means smaller crowds and less traffic to get in your way as you explore all the glorious hiking trails, captivating canyons, and scenic highways.While the number of incredible adventures you can have in Big Bend in the summer is limitless, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 to whet your appetite.

Winding highways and stunning views makes scenic driving in Big Bend a must.

Explore Big Bend’s Scenic Driving Routes

No matter how many photos you look at, none can adequately capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Big Bend. This natural splendor is a part of just about everything you can do out here, yet one of the best ways to take it all in is by hitting the road. When the daytime temperature reaches its peak, hop in your car, crank up the air conditioning, and choose a highway to explore.

One of the most popular scenic byways is the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, a 38-mile sojourn that passes mountain peaks and overlooks desert valleys. Another is the stretch of Highway 170 that follows the Rio Grande west of Lajitas. Cruise the blacktop as it winds along the river and between rocky cliffs, an unforgettable journey that leads you to the small town of Redford. Stop for an ice-cold drink and relax a moment. After all, your return journey will be just as amazing.  

Tour Texas Tip: For the ultimate Big Bend driving experience, download the mobile app that includes an audio tour of the entire region. Listen to it as you cruise and you’ll be educated and entertained. The best part? It’s totally free, so get downloading!

The restaurant at Chisos Mountains Lodge serves up great food and views that can't be beat.

Stay in Style

Although the Big Bend region is known for its rugged mountains and stark desert landscapes, that doesn’t mean you have to forego the comforts of home when you visit. In fact, there are quite a few unique hotels where you can hang your hat. Get the best of both worlds when you stay at the Chisos Mountains Lodge, the only hotel in Big Bend National Park that offers everything from basic motel-style rooms to spacious stone cottages. In Marathon, you’ll find Mexican-style adobe haciendas with a distinct West Texas artistic flair, as well as the historic and luxurious Gage Hotel. To splurge on something truly upscale, indulge in a stay at the world-class Lajitas Golf Resort. With a variety of rustic rooms and cottages, you’ll enjoy the good life in the lap of West Texas luxury.

Regardless of where you want the starting point for your summertime Big Bend adventure to be, you’ll find somewhere comfortable to stay. See all the possibilities here.

Black Jack's Crossing is widely considered one of the best golf courses in Texas due to its challenging desert-style play and spectacular scenery.

Play On One of the Best Golf Courses in Texas

Glance down the fairway as you prepare to tee off at Black Jack’s Crossing and you’ll have to try to not have your jaw hit the turf. Before you stretches a verdant fairway that winds between arid ravines and at the feet of towering cliffs and breathtaking mountains. Play your way through the 18-hole course and your eyes will be treated to one stunning vista after another, an experience akin to walking through an art gallery full of beautiful landscape paintings. Frequently named among the very best courses in Texas by Golf Magazine, Golfweek, and the Dallas Morning News, playing a round here is a must if you’re the type who packs your club bag whenever you travel.

Located at Lajitas Golf Resort near the Rio Grande River, Black Jack’s Crossing is both a world-class golf course and a sensory experience. Visiting in the summer? Make sure to bring plenty of water and your camera, but try not to hold up play as you may get distracted taking pictures.

Relax in the Langford Hot Springs, which overlooks the Rio Grande River.

Relax in the Langford Hot Springs

Spend a full day exploring the hiking trails in Big Bend National Park and your muscles may cry out for some relief. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you take a dip in the Langford Hot Springs. Full of naturally heated spring water, the pool has long been renowned for its powers of healing and rejuvenation. Ease into the 105-degree water and enjoy the view of the Rio Grande River, which is so close that you can touch it. To get to the hot springs, hike the Hot Springs Trail found in the far southeastern section of the park. For even more hiking after you’ve soaked in the springs, follow the trail east to Hot Springs Canyon for unbelievable panoramic views of the rugged canyons and the Rio Grande.   

Seeing all the soaring mountains and rugged desert valleys of Big Bend on an airplane tour is a must.

See Big Bend from the Sky

Speaking of views, there may be no better way to take in all the majesty of Big Bend than from the skies. Book an air tour with Rio Aviation and you’ll be soaring high above awe-inspiring landmarks like Santa Elena Canyon and over Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park. Bring your camera for some truly fantastic shots, or kick back and try to take all the birds-eye views of Big Bend’s beautiful canyons, mountains, and valleys. All the while, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the region from your pilot, Marcos Paredes, a retired National Park Ranger. Go on this high-flying adventure and you’ll leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Art galleries in Big Bend can be found from Terlingua to Alpine and Marathon.

Discover Big Bend’s Art Galleries

With its wide-open skies and scenic vistas as inspiration, it’s no surprise that artists have flocked to Big Bend. As such, there are plenty of art galleries to explore while you cool off in the air conditioning. In downtown Alpine you’ll find numerous working studios and galleries that showcase illustrations, paintings, photography, and other works created by local artists. An abundance of art is also on display throughout the galleries, restaurants, and places to stay in Marathon, including the Gage Hotel. Despite their remote nature, even Terlingua and Study Butte have art galleries that show off the talents of local jewelry and ceramics artisans, painters, sculptors, and more.

The Starlight Theatre Restaurant and La Kiva Restaurant and Bar are among the many unique restaurants in Big Bend.

Get Your Fill at a Unique Restaurant

Spend any time exploring Big Bend and you’ll work up a Texas-sized appetite. Fortunately, Big Bend is something of a destination for foodies. Throughout the region you’ll find one-of-a-kind restaurants serving up hearty palate-pleasing dishes. Quirky décor and delicious dishes can be found at the famous semi-subterranean La Kiva Restaurant and Bar in Terlingua, where you can order a burger or a pizza and sip a cold beer as you take in the dinosaur bones on the wall. Terlingua is also where you’ll find the Starlight Theatre, purveyors of award-winning chili and mouthwatering Tex-Mex. Pull up a chair, order your meal, and hang out for one of the concerts the venue hosts throughout the year.

Marathon has its fair share of restaurants as well, ranging from the V6 Coffee Shop and Big Bend Pizza to The 12 Gage Restaurant, an upscale eatery with an extensive wine list paired with its rustic West Texas charm.  Downtown Alpine has plenty of dining options as well, ranging from Mexican and American to Chinese and Japanese. Make sure to stop in at Alpine’s very own craft brewery, the Big Bend Brewing Company, for a pint of its locally made ales and lagers.

Want to see Big Bend’s menu of restaurants? Click here.

Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend is a true sight to behold and one you shouldn't miss during your visit.

Kayak the Rio Grande River

Sure, there are many places you can kayak. But how often do you get to paddle an international border? Unless you live on the border, the answer is probably never. Although having the chance to kayak along a border is notable enough, the Rio Grande River trip is nothing but exceptional. Go it alone or embark on a guided tour (recommended) and your journey will take you through majestic canyons and past stunning cliffs and wide-open valleys. Your paddling experience will vary greatly by water conditions, as there are times when the river flows quickly and others where the level is not very high. Regardless of whether you choose an afternoon excursion or a multi-day trip, you’ll have an adventure unlike any other in Texas.

Big Bend is the only place in the country where you can find the Colima Warbler.

Search for the Colima Warbler

Throughout the year, Big Bend is home to more than 450 species of birds that are either native or migrate during various seasons. As such, birding is one of the most popular things to do here regardless of the time of year. Yet the summer time is your only chance to cross one bird off of your list. In April, a small group of Colima warblers crosses the border to nest, making Big Bend the only place in the country where you can find these gray birds. To cross them off your birding bucket list, ascend the heavily forested Boot Canyon Trail to the Colima Trail, a strenuous journey during which you may also see numerous hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and Mexican jays. Take your time and bring your camera (and plenty of water) and you just may spot one of these rare birds.

Stargazing in Big Bend is otherworldly. Find a dark spot and gaze out at all the stars of the Milky Way.

Admire the Milky Way

The setting sun heralds the arrival of another Big Bend attraction that sets it apart from just about anywhere else on the planet. As the skies darken, the heavens reveal themselves in a bright kaleidoscope of near incomprehensible clarity. Find a dark spot and gaze up at all the celestial bodies of the Milky Way Galaxy that illuminate the night sky. As one of the least light polluted places on Earth, there’s no end to what you can see. For some of the best stargazing, visit the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail or the McDonald Observatory. Yet even if you’re camping on a remote trail you’re guaranteed a remarkable view on a cloudless night.

About the Author: James Waterson is the head writer and content specialist for Tour Texas. When he isn’t writing about the many great places in the state of Texas, he’s planning his next epic adventure in the Lone Star State.

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