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City of Rockdale

Things To Do in Rockdale

Historic Walking Tours

Enjoy the many historic sites, markers and murals heralding our proud history.  Take a self-guided tour of these sites which can be visited on foot or by car around Rockdale. 


Visit the historic International & Great Northern Depot on Main Street which features an original Station Agent’s Desk, Telegraph Desk, and Ticket Office, as well as hosts displays of railroad memorabilia to delight train enthusiasts of all ages, including a model train display.  The I&GN Depot is also home to two vintage railroad cars, the “Cheyenne Mountain” Missouri Pacific Diner #36 and the Missouri Pacific Caboose #12263, as well as a Blacksmith shop at which they periodically host demonstrations.
Rockdale I&GN Depot Museum & Weekend Visitor Center
11 N Main Street
Rockdale, TX 76567

Kay Theatre

The historic Kay Theatre on Rockdale’s Main Street was built in 1947.  After years of use as a theatre, The Kay closed in 1962.  With community effort, the building was restored in 2010 and re-opened, being recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark by the Texas Historic Commission in 2013.  Today, as the last remaining theater in Milam County, The Kay Theatre recalls a time when going to the movies was a cultural event and central to the social life of many young people. The Kay Theatre once again serves as a community center, hosting special events, weddings, music & theatrical performances, and movie screenings.  Visit the Kay Theatre Facebook Page for more information and a schedule of upcoming events at the Kay.
350 N Main Street
Rockdale, TX 76567

Bridge Park

Enjoy a picnic on the grounds of Bridge Park and appreciate the historical bridges and calaboose featured at the park.   The century-old Calaboose at Bridge Park is originally from Burlington, Texas in northern Milam County.  The term “calaboose” comes from the Spanish “calabozo” which means “jail, dungeon, or cell” and was used to describe small structures used as jails throughout Texas and the United States until the early 20th century.  This calaboose is representative of the one which existed in Rockdale in the early 1900’s.  Rockdale’s Calaboose was located downtown near Bell and Ackerman.  This historic structure was graciously donated by Billy and Frances Prescott of Burlington, who were insistent that the calaboose be preserved.  As more of these unique buildings disappear, the few that remain are an important.  The Burlington calaboose is one of four still standing in the county.
The Sheckels and Galbreath are former county bridges which are now permanent residents at Bridge Park.  These historic bridges were relocated to Bridge Park in 2015 as part of a historic preservation project.  The Sheckels Bridge was previously located over County Road 429A, and Galbreath had been on CR 240 – both were replaced by modern bridges. These bridges, as well as others located in and around Rockdale, are featured in the book “Historic Bridges of Milam County by area resident authors David Galbreath, Carolyn Temple, Lucile Estell and Joy Graham.
640 E Cameron Ave
Rockdale, TX 76567

Skate Park

Rockdale’s Skate Park offers the young and young at heart a place to practice their skateboarding skills.  Skate Park is located at the corner of Mill and Wilcox Streets and features a bowl, a half-pipe ramp, rails and skateboarding paths.  There is also a graffiti wall which allows the public to share their artistic expression and freedom of speech. 

Skate Park is also home to the Henderson Crossing bridge which once stood over the Brushy Creek 10 miles west of this location.  It is believed that the bridge received its name from the Henderson property that it divided at the Brushy Creek crossing location.   The Henderson Crossing Bridge was built in 1901 by the George F. King Bridge Company. Its specific design is called a Pin-Connected, Warren Pony Truss Bridge, and is one of 29 surviving in the state.  It spans 64 feet (with its original approaches it had been 94 feet in length) and has a deck width of 12 feet.  The Henderson Crossing Bridge was moved from County Road 434 to Skate Park in 2002, after being replaced by a concrete slab bridge in 2001.  The old bridge was eligible for the National Register until it was removed from the site, but Rockdale is proud to have preserved this bit of history. 
On Mill Street at Wilcox Street
Rockdale, TX 76567

Rockdale’s Dog Park

Are you travelling with your precious pups and need a place to burn some energy?  Rockdale's Dog Park offers a safe place to allow your dog to run & play off-leash. Fully-fenced with a double entry gate system, the Rockdale Dog Park currently has a culvert "tunnel" to run through or jump over and (every dog's favorite curiosity!) a fire hydrant to experience.  A water source is also available for dogs is available at the Dog Park as well as a Pet Waste Station to clean up after your pet.
Rockdale’s Dog Park.
290 Beverly Dr
Rockdale, TX 76567

Rockdale Golf Course

The Rockdale Country Club, located just south of Rockdale on FM 2116, is a Semi-Private Club that is open to the public.  The Rockdale Country Club & Golf Course offers serene views of gently rolling landscape dotted with towering post oak trees and features a 9-hole course, driving range and Club House Grill.
Rockdale Country Club & Golf Course
1894 FM 2116, Rockdale, TX 76567


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City of Rockdale