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Denton, Texas

5 Fantastic Things to Do in Denton

Listen to a concert by a world-class band, visit one of the most photographed historic courthouses in Texas, tour the scenic farms of North Texas Horse Country, and savor a locally made craft beer. These are the experiences you'll have in Denton, a lively college town known for its compelling combination of fantastic live music, exciting nightlife, and independent culture. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy your time in "Li’l d," which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best things to do in Denton while you’re in town.

A guitar player performs at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.

Experience Live Music in Denton

Denton is a live music mecca where on any given night you can hear bands from the Dallas/Fort Worth area (and beyond) play at one of the many bars and concert venues in town. World-class musicians like Norah Jones, Don Henley (lead singer of The Eagles), Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band saxophonist), and the Eli Young Band perfected their craft in Denton, a legacy that continues to this day. Favorite Denton hangouts and listening venues for everything from experimental to hip hop include such bars and clubs as Dan’s Silver Leaf, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, or LSA Burger. Another Denton nightlife hotspot is Fry Street, where you’ll find numerous bars that are great places to sip a pint, hang out with friends, and watch a game.

Although there are plenty of concerts that showcase high-quality performers throughout the year, it’s Denton’s spectacular music festivals that set it apart. If you’re in Denton at the end of April, check out the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, a 2.5-day free event that includes performances from 3,000 musicians and attracts more than 225,000 fans. The Denton Blues Festival, held the third weekend in September, offers performances by top professional and amateur blues and R&B artists. If that weren’t enough, just about every event throughout the year features live music, including the Thin Line Fest and the Denton Redbud Festival. With so many venues and events, Denton is a must-visit for any type of music lover.

Visit the historic Denton County Courthouse, the centerpiece of downtown Denton.

Visit the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

With its remarkable clock tower, intricate arches, and rough sandstone façade, it’s no wonder Denton County’s historic four-story courthouse is one of the most photographed buildings in Texas. Built in 1896 with all the ornate charm of typical of the Romanesque style of architecture, the courthouse is still in use to this day. That’s a lot of history to have in one place, much of which is recounted in the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum.

The museum, located on the first floor of the courthouse, offers a variety of rotating exhibits that tell Denton County’s tale. While you’re there, stop by the museum’s research room and the historic courthouse, situated on the second floor. Once you’re done exploring the county’s history, step out into Denton’s vibrant square and explore its many stores or relax and enjoy a cup of Joe at Jupiter House Coffee or West Oak Coffee, two local coffee shops. 

Embark on a North Texas Horse Country Tour to explore a region that has one of the greatest concentrations of horse farms in the world.

Go on the North Texas Horse Country Tour

If wine is the Texas Hill County’s claim to fame, then horses are Denton’s. There are more than 400 horse farms and ranches in Denton County, one of the largest concentrations of horse farms in the world. From Arabians to quarter horses, just about every breed is raised here. Not only that, but some of the world champions in cutting, halter, reining, and many other disciplines have been born and bred in Denton County.

To get a behind-the-scenes look at how a horse ranch works, book your spot on a North Texas Horse Country Tour. The tour, held just six times a year, takes you on a guided trip to two premier horse ranches, where you can get an in-depth view of the equine industry. Along the way, you’ll enjoy entertaining stories about the area from a fun and knowledgeable guide. If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, then you won’t want to miss out on the popular North Texas Horse Country Tour.

Savor a Local Brew at Denton County Brewing Company

Craft beer is all the rage in Texas these days, and Denton is no exception. In addition to the many fine places to sit down for a tasty IPA or a savory stout, Denton is home to a craft brewery of its own: Denton County Brewing Company. A range of house-brewed beers including a stout and a Belgian quad flow from the taps, while an impressive selection of other beers from around the world are available.

There are several other places you can go to savor craft beer from all around the Lone Star State. Hit up the Oak Street Drafthouse and take your pick from more than 70 beers on tap before finding a spot in the back patio. East Side Denton has an impressive selection of more than 80 beers on tap plus over 130 kinds of bourbon, scotch, and whiskey. If you’re looking to relax with a few drinks with friends, Denton is the place to be.

See a show at the Campus Theatre in Denton, a historic venue that hosts plays and film festivals.

Catch a Show at the Historic Campus Theatre

Want to sit in the same theater that was once visited by the likes of John Wayne and Warren Beatty? How about one that screened the world premiere of Hollywood’s iconic films - 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde? Look no further than the Campus Theatre, located right in downtown Denton. Since it opened its doors in 1949, the theater has screened such legendary flicks as Gone With The Wind, Ben Hur, and The 10 Commandments. Today, the theater is a multi-use entertainment center that screens films, hosts festivals, and is the place to be for performances by the Denton Community Theatre and the Music Theatre of Denton. There’s always some type of show going on at the Campus Theatre, so check their website before you visit.

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Denton, Texas